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Hummingbird XRP

Hummingbird Viewed from the front


Hybrid Power System

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  • Reference Technologies announces its Hummingbird (R) XRP (eXtended Range and Payload) Hybrid powered VTOL UAV.
  • Reference Technologies featured in latest issue of Unmanned Systems Technology magazine.
  • Reference Technologies announces its upgraded 13 Kw hybrid power system with multi-fuel capability
  • Reference Technologies releases its Hummingbird XRP performance data - 6+ hour flight duration with 30+ lb payload.


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Ground Control Station (Portable)

The ReferenceTek ground control station components include the aircraft control and telemetry unit on the right and the optional live video link processor on the left.









Ground Control Station (Mobile)

The Mobile Ground Control Station is a completely autonomous flight operations van with its own 100 KW generator, air conditioning and heating system. The M-GCS has three pilot stations and three sensor stations with conference and observation areas. Internet service is provided via satellite dish and aircraft telemetry and control are linked via auto-tracking antennas. Voice communications are provided between ground based and airborne observers as well as FAA personnel and local airport authorities via UHF and VHF radios.

Hummingbird(R) XRP

The Hummingbird XRP is the company's newest Hybrid VTOL product providing flight duration in excess of 6 hours with a payload capacity in excess of 30 pounds. In addition, the aircraft has eight hard points for client payloads with the ability to remotely deploy or retain payloads depending on mission requirements. With a hybrid power system that generates over 10kW, reserve power can be provided to client payloads./p>



Allen Bishop

Mr. Bishop is the founder, president and chief executive officer of Reference Technologies and also serves as board secretary for Rocky Mountain UAS, board director for UAS Colorado and as President of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of AUVSI.

Mr. Bishop oversees the strategic direction of the Colorado-based aerospace company and is the chief architect of its Hybrid, Unmanned Aerial Systems and ground based robotics solutions.

Before launching ReferenceTEK in 2011, Mr. Bishop was recruited by a national records storage company as its president and CEO with the mission of bringing the company out of impending bankruptcy.  Under Mr. Bishop's leadership, the company reached break-even status within the first 18 months and sustained profitability the following year.  Mr. Bishop continued growing the company with an average annual growth rate of 15% in gross revenue and profitability over the following five years when he left to form ReferenceTEK.

In 1993, Mr. Bishop founded VisionTEK, a leading mobile software applications company that focused on the law enforcement market.  In the ten years Mr. Bishop lead the company as its chairman, president and CEO, it achieved national status as the leading provider of wireless in-vehicle laptop based incident and accident reporting applications.

In the years prior to VisionTEK, Mr. Bishop founded Automated Storage Inc. (ASI) where he again led the company to profitability and international recognition as a major robotics based data storage company.

Mr. Bishop is involved in several volunteer organizations including Boulder County Amateur Radio Emergency Services (BCARES), Air Force MARS and is a reserve volunteer with the Boulder County Sheriff's Office and serves on the SWAT Tech Team, providing ground and air based intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) operations.

Mr. Bishop's military service included a career in the U.S. Air Force from 1968 until 1976.  His assignments included Defense Support Programs (DSP-647) and other highly classified space based surveillance systems.  Mr. Bishop was honorably discharged.

In 1975, Mr. Bishop was issued his pilot's license by the FAA and currently holds a 2nd class medical certificate with over 5,000 hours of pilot in command experience.

Mr. Bishop recently celebrated his 30th wedding anniversary.  He has three children and three grandchildren.  He enjoys amateur radio, flying, hiking and scuba diving.


Gary Bishop

Gary Bishop is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and is responsible for all government related activities including aircraft certifications, Flight Safety Standards, Certificates of Authorization (COAs) and  other FAA related activities.

Mr. Bishop started as a machinist in 1981 with the Kollmorgen Corporation's Electro - Optical Division in Northampton, Massachusetts.

In 1983, Gary moved to Los Angeles and was employed by Hughes Aircraft Company, Electron Dynamics Division in Torrance, California. He was initially hired as a Quality Control Inspector; and later he transferred to the Materials Parts and Processes department as a Material Analyst.

While at Hughes Aircraft, Gary began flying at Torrance Airport and over the course of 5 years earned his Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot, Flight and Ground Instructor certifications.

Gary joined SkyWest Airlines in 1990 as a First Officer in the Metroliner (SA227). In 1991, he transitioned to the Brasilia (EMB-120). During this time he developed the Weight and Balance Passenger Index system for the new Advanced Brasilia that SkyWest had purchased.

In 1995, Gary upgraded to Captain in the Brasilia, earning his Airline Transport Pilot Certificate.

In 1998, Gary became a Check Airman in the Brasilia and conducted new hire Initial Operating Experience for new hire first officers as well as new upgrade captains. In 2006, he became a simulator instructor in the Brasilia responsible for training newly hired pilots, upgrading Captains, and for recurrent check rides for First Officers and Captains.

In 2011, he transitioned to the Canadair Regional Jet (CL-65) as Captain.

Gary has over 12,000 flight hours in various aircraft.  He brings over 30 years of aviation background to Reference Technologies, including 14 years of Airline Training experience.

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