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Hummingbird Viewed from the front


Hummingbird Viewed from the top


Hummingbird Partial view


Hummingbird Cut Away View

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  • Reference Technologies announces its Hummingbird (R) XRP (eXtended Range and Payload) Hybrid powered VTOL UAV.
  • Reference Technologies awarded a $250,000 grant from the State of Colorado's Advanced Industries Accelerator Program.
  • Visit us at the 2018 AUVSI Exponential in Denver Colorado. April 30th through May 3rd


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Ground Control Station (Portable)

The ReferenceTek ground control station components include the aircraft control and telemetry unit on the right and the optional live video link processor on the left.









Ground Control Station (Mobile)

The Mobile Ground Control Station is a completely autonomous flight operations van with its own 100 KW generator, air conditioning and heating system. The M-GCS has three pilot stations and three sensor stations with conference and observation areas. Internet service is provided via satellite dish and aircraft telemetry and control are linked via auto-tracking antennas. Voice communications are provided between ground based and airborne observers as well as FAA personnel and local airport authorities via UHF and VHF radios.

Hummingbird UAS

The Hummingbird is the company's newest Hybrid VTOL product providing flight duration in excess of 6 hours and a payload capacity in excess of 20 pounds. In addition, the aircraft has six hard points for client payloads with the ability to remotely deploy or retain the payloads depending on mission requirements. Up to 500 watts of 5, 12 and 48 VDC power are also available for client payloads.

Coming in 2018


Continuing our discussions through 2018 with clients, prospects and aerospace consultants, the three major issues continuing to face today's VTOL UAV platforms are: 1) limited flight duration, 2) limited payload capacity and 3) the absence of deployable payload components. To address these key issues, Reference Technologies has spent the past 4 years designing an innovative solution to address the current limited flight performance of other competitive VTOL solutions.

The ReferenceTEK solution is the Hummingbird® XRP Series of hybrid powered Unmanned Aircraft Systems with a flight duration in excess of 6 hours and a payload in excess of 30 pounds.  The Hummingbird XRP includes powered hard points for client payloads and the capability to release payloads at or above ground level.  Specific airframe elements and propulsion designs are proprietary with provisional patents issued and patent applications filed.
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